Saint Petersburg

"Saint Petersburg for me is water and architecture. Their harmonious combination, but somewhere and opposition. The reflections of houses, palaces, bridges and embankments are calm, as in a mirror, iridescent and vibrating, dangling. All this is fascinating and asking in the picture."

Russian north

"I recently discovered the amazing Russian North. Everything there is beautiful and attracts return - open and hospitable people, clean and pristine nature, comfortable and harsh climate, clean air and delicious berries. I am in love with this land!"

Volga river

"I was born on the banks of the Volga and I feel that my soul is inextricably linked with this river. From my childhood I feel its fresh wind carrying smells of grass from coastal meadows. My wrinkles around my eyes from bright sun glare on river water on a hot July afternoon. My legs remember the steep and stony paths of the Zhiguli Mountains covered with autumn leaves. Together with the fishermen, I froze on the ice of a sleeping river on cold winter days, admiring the beauty of frozen nature around me. I love my river and my bank. Wherever I am, they are forever in my heart"